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dog teeth

Dog teeth

Puppies are born without teeth, like human babies. Around the third week of life, teeth begin to emerge, with large breeds being earlier than small ones. Types of teeth in the dog There are four types of teeth; incisors, canines, premolars and molars . The incisors and canines, or also called fangs, serve to tear, […]

khalti lake Ghizer

Khalti lake Ghizer

Gilgit-baltistan is diverse not only in its culture, but also in its geographical location and landscapes. The mighty mountains- mostly covered with snow and glaciers. Rivers, forests, famous passes and lakes. People often compare its beauty with Switzerland, it is not an exaggeration to say that, if properly managed and invested Gilgit baltistan would be […]

yasin valley ghizer

Yasin Valley

A complete travel guide to Yasin Valley Ghizer Gilgit Baltitan Pakistan After crossing the beautiful headquarter of the Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan via Ghizer Chitral road, you will enter the Gupis valley. You will drive by a river for 45 minutes and it ends at a point where the road divides into two; when […]

Northern areas of Pakistan

Northern Pakistan Pakistan

The Untold Story of Northern Pakistan: A land of beauty. Northern areas of Pakistan are a land full of natural beauty and diverse cultures. The north is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the country, with breathtaking landscapes and a wide range of wildlife. It also has some fascinating ancient ruins, mosques and […]

winter in Ghizer Valley

Winters in Ghizer valley

Pakistan is amongst the countries where people experience the four-season, unlike other countries, i.e., Uganda, where you experience only the same kinds of weather. Ghizer valley, along with other parts of Pakistan, has four seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Summer, spring, and autumn are considered normal in terms of living. But, in summer, people […]

vlog camera

Best blogging camera 2021

While making a list of the best vlog cameras of 2020, we must say that there are now many camera models available. These devices, which have become very common with YouTube, are specially developed and released by many camera companies today. Sony, Canon and Panasonic are among the brands that develop such products. Japanese giant […]

salajeet from gilgit

Salajeet price in Pakistan

10 grams of salajit is for Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 in Hunza Valley.I thought, what is this salajit that people use a little bit? Let me drink a cup and see.

Modori Fort Dalsandi Yaseen

Modori Fort;¬†located at the confluence of Asumbar and Qorqolti at the end of Sandi Yaseen valley, at a height of one and a half hundred meters, consisting of a rocky and rugged rock which corresponds to the fort of Alamut in terms of its defensive structure. Who had the privilege of being invincible of his […]

lalak jan shaheed tomb

Lalak jan Shaheed

1999 was an unfortunate year for Pakistan in general and Gilgit-Baltistan in particular. This year, Gilgit-Baltistan was witnessing spring and autumn. The Kargil War had broken out and the children of the Mother Earth were being martyred in the line of duty. The period from May to August was very difficult. There was sadness in […]

hunza valley

Hunza Valley

Hunza is not a city but a valley. The valley consists of three areas …  Upper Hunza (Gojal)  Central Hunza  Lower Hunza  The most important city of Hunza is Aliabad while Karimabad is famous for its bananas and scenery. Pindi to Gilgit There are some areas of the country where tourists are stunned. Such a […]

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