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karachi agreement gb

Karachi Agreement

By( Ashfaq Ahmed Advocate) Gilgit-Baltistan is bounded on the north by the Chinese province of Xinjiang, on the east by Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, on the south by Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir, and on the west by the Wakhan Corridor with Afghanistan and Central Asia. Gilgit-Baltistan is also called the Gateway of Asia because of its important […]

feroza stone

Feroza stone turquoise stone

 Learn about the rare turquoise(Feroza stone) Turquoise(Feroza stone) is one of the rare gemstones with an attractive appearance, which contains certain percentages of hardness, and it can be worn without changing its color or beauty and is included in the list of semi-precious stones. , turquoise stones copper composed of copper fumes, and is the […]

places in USA

Beautiful places in America

One of the pleasures that feed the body, the soul and the spirit are definitely the trips, which invite you to know extraordinary places in the world. They are so rich in diversity of cultures, colors, and of course flavors, that we don’t know where to start. America is a continent so special and wonderfully […]

Places to visit in Ghizer Valley

Ghizer valley is the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan. It is paradise on earth and is a land of colorful water, dotted with trees, deep blue sky, and green fields. The people of Ghizer valley are peaceful, hospitable, and polite. It is a multi-ethnic district, and three major languages are spoken: Shina, Khowar, and […]

phander lake

Phander Lake Ghizer

Summer does not comes here, because this beautiful valley(phander) is 9855 feet above sea level. Understand that every summer is a beautiful place, so every part of the country is beautiful. From the blue waters of the beach to the snow-capped mountains of Gilgit and Chitral and the Phander lake, every scene invites you, but the […]

Phander Valley Ghizer

The most beautiful area of ​​Gilgit-Baltistan is Phander Ghizer with its lush green valleys, sky-scraping mountains, blue skies and the trout fish found in its clear and transparent waters invite the tourists. In the most beautiful area of ​​Ghizer district, Phander, which is a piece of paradise on earth, thousands of tourists camp in this paradise-like […]

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