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feroza stone

Feroza stone turquoise stone

 Learn about the rare turquoise(Feroza stone)

Turquoise(Feroza stone) is one of the rare gemstones with an attractive appearance, which contains certain percentages of hardness, and it can be worn without changing its color or beauty and is included in the list of semi-precious stones. , turquoise stones copper composed of copper fumes, and is the Egyptian ancient offirst used in ancient times.

Turquoise stone(Feroza stone) properties

There are many characteristics of turquoise stone(Feroza stone), the most important of which are: 

  • It is considered one of the rare stones in a crystalline state.
  • Turquoise stone consists of the mineral aluminum phosphate, and this mineral contains copper water. 
  • Turquoise crystals take triangular diagonal shapes. Turquoise stone, we find from it the greenish-blue color or the gray color of the source, and sometimes we find other colors from it, such as the light green color. 
  • Turquoise stone has been used in the manufacture of jewelry and decorations since ancient times. 
  • Turquoise stone is found in abundance in Iran, because it is one of the richest countries in which this gemstone is located, followed by turquoise stone from the sedimentary rocks that formed on the surface of the earth’s crust.

Turquoise stone/Feroza stone names

The word turquoise/Feroza is one of the Persian words, which means victory, and this stone was given this name, as it was called the stone of the eye and the stone of victory, because individuals believed that this stone keeps them away from magic, envy and the eye when they wear it, and it has many European and Turkish names , including the 

  • Stone Optimism
  • Stone of prestige
  •  Stone of turquoise
  • Hussaini Feroza Stone
  • Shajri Feroza Stone
  • Irani Feroza Stone

Turquoise stone classification

The turquoise/Feroza stone stone has been classified into two types, the first type is called turquoise, which is a clear, bright blue color. 

As for the second type, it is called Fayrouz may Naji, which is greenish-blue, and there are other types at the time The present, including the Egyptian turquoise of greenish-blue color, and the Iranian turquoise of blue color, And American turquoise with a dark blue color, and Mexican turquoise with a bluish green color.

Benefits of a rare Feroza stone(turquoise stone)

  • The thymus gland strengthens the immune system. 
  • Gain self-confidence. 
  • Balances the energy of the heart. 
  • Supports the immune system, reduces joint inflammation, and benefits eyesight. 
  • It prevents the formation of kidney stones. 
  • Strengthens the stomach. 
  • Anti-pertussis. 
  • It gives boldness and courage. 
  • Treats the whiteness of the pupil of the eye.

Cases of using a rare turquoise stone(Feroza stone)

There are many cases in which we use turquoise stone such as: 

  • Experiencing extreme fear, depression or sadness. 
  • Cases of epilepsy. 
  • Cases of scorpion stings, because it is anti-poisoning. 
  • Eliminates eye pain when staring for long periods of time. 
  • Treats eye deviation.  
  • Treats cases of intestinal laziness.

How to care for Feroza stone

Is Feroza stone of stones semi – precious, and this must take care of him when we have through these procedures:  

We use a toothbrush with soap and water to clean the turquoise stone from all dirt and dust on it. 

When exposed to boiling, it suffers great damage.  We must try to avoid hitting it with anything so that it does not get scratches. 

Keep the stone from getting lost when worn on picnics or sports practices

How to use turquoise stone/Feroza stone

There are many common ways in which turquoise stone can be used through the following: Turquoise stone is ground , drunk after boiling in water and treatment of scorpion stings. Turquoise stone powder mixed with honey, and is drunk and helps to break up kidney stones. The turquoise stone powder is applied to stop the gonorrhea to which the eye is exposed in excess.

Feroza stone price in pakistan

The price of Feroza stone (turquoise stone) Ranges from RS 540 to RS 9000

Some of the Sample prices are the following:

Hussaini Feroza Stone

Weight : 25.1 Ct

Price=Rs 3200


Feroza Stone

Weight: 16.2 Ct

Price=Rs 4800


Shajri Feroza Stone

Weight: 16.2 Ct

Price=Rs 2421

Origion :Gilgit Baltistan

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