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khalti lake Ghizer

Khalti lake Ghizer

Discover Khalti Lake Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit-baltistan is diverse not only in its culture, but also in its geographical location and landscapes. The mighty mountains- mostly covered with snow and glaciers. Rivers, forests, famous passes and lakes. People often compare its beauty with Switzerland, it is not an exaggeration to say that, if properly managed and invested Gilgit baltistan would be the number place for tourists-because of its diverse geographical location and landscapes.
District Ghizer of gilgit-baltistan,is famous for its sources of fresh water i.e lakes, rivers and fater falls.
As, we know that water is life and fresh water is a divine .

District Ghizer is also known as the land of lakes

Khalti lake on of the most famous lakes of gilgit-baltistan ,it is situated in Khalti valley of district ghizer. It is 24000 meters (78740.157 feets) in length and 460 meters (1509.19 feets) in width .It has surface are of 98 acers(40 ha).It is 2217 meters above the sea level. It was once a beautiful valley ,flood blocked the khalti river ,the inhabitants moved to uper parts of the valley and hence this beautiful lake came into being. Ruines of the valley can be seen down the lake -80 to 90 feet deep.


Popular trout Fish in Khalti Lake

As ,it is a source of fresh water ,it contains plenty of European breed tourt fish. khali lake freezes in winters . It has now became a play ground for locals – in winters. Winter tourism is attracting national and international tourists due to this frozen lake in winters. Their are few hotels near the lake. PTDC(Pakistan tourism development corp) motel is also located at walking distance from the lake. People of valley are so hospitable . Every year thousands of tourists i.e local and foreigners vist khali lake . People have made many guest houses and hostels for tourists and they are growing day by day. Government has to tap its real potential that has not been tapped yet

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